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Camilla Gray-Nelson, the Dog Talk Diva, on Petline

Camilla on CFAX Radio Petline

Petline Host, Jennifer Shaw, interviews Camilla Gray-Nelson on the particular challenges a woman faces while attempting to handle and train the family dog. Camilla covers pack-dog mentality, commanding respect and becoming a leader for your dog.

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Camilla on Dog Training for Women – KMA Omaha

Camilla Gray-Nelson: “74% of the time [in most households / families], the woman is in control of the dog. Many times, however, they have a hard time controlling the dog and there are some natural reasons for that. That’s where I step in and try to empower women and try to channel their inner dog trainer and their inner leader…”

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“D” in Daycare? “A” in Canine!

The plethora of doggie daycare centers around the country in the last few years is nothing short of mind-boggling.  But with the popularity of daycare services for dogs, there comes an unrealistic expectation – that all dogs can and should be social with others

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It’s Not About “SIT!”

While specific commands (like Sit, Down, Heel) are handy and convenient, they have nothing to do with human dog relationships (ie. who’s in charge) and they are unnatural in the dog world.

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#1 Cause of Dog Behavior Issues: TOO MUCH FREEDOM!

When we give our dog too much freedom – the freedom to patrol the entire yard or property while we are gone, the freedom to hike off leash without voice control, the freedom to roam about the house and explore with no restrictions, the freedom to sniff, pull, and investigate at will on our walks…we are sending a potentially dangerous message!

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HOW TO CURE JUMPING UP – Part I: Dog Jumping on You

There are any number of techniques to curtail a jumping dog – from simply turning your back and ignoring the dog, to physically “kneeing” the dog in the chest as it jumps…. I prefer a more natural approach, and the way dogs themselves tell other dogs to keep their paws to themselves: I “bark”.

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POWER SAPPERS: Part I – Fidgeting

Often when women work on becoming a leader, they are undermined by certain personal habits that sap them of the power they are eager to gain. The worst part is, women don’t even realize they are sabotaging their own power.

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Monthly Maintenance Classes

For Board & Train Grads & Their Dogs

To better serve our Dream Dog™ Board & Train graduates, our monthly maintenance classes have had a Total Makeover! Now each month will have its own theme, and each class within that month will be geared for either on-leash OR off-leash grads and include Holiday preparedness exercises when appropriate. We will even be including special HOLIDAY training exercises for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and 4th of July!

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