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What is the day like for my dog?

  • 7am first potty break of the day
  • 7:30am Breakfast time.
  • Dogs stay crated from 7:30-9am to prevent Bloat/Torsion after eating
  • 7:30-9am the kennel staff are cleaning
  • 9am all dogs are let out for play time (which is why 9am is the best time for assessments to check in)
  • From 9am-12pm the dogs are out playing
  • 12-3pm is nap time/lunch time
  • 3-6pm dogs are let out for afternoon play time
  • 6pm is dinner time
  • From 6-8pm dogs are crated to prevent Bloat/Torsion
  • From 8-9pm dogs get one last hour for play and potty

What do you guys do if my dog gets hurt
and who is financially responsible for the vet bills?

  • Boarding is not as safe as home. It’s a benefit/risk decision: great benefits for your freedom and your dog’s fun, but always a small chance of illness or injury. Signing our Liability Release means you ACCEPT those risks AND the financial costs of medical care if it becomes necessary. (It’s like what you sign for horseback riding or skydiving!)
  • The Kennel Managers will ALWAYS try getting in contact with you before we make any emergency decisions. If they cannot get in touch with you, they will call your emergency contact (Which is required when you leave your dog here).
  • We will our local vet hospital during business hours or VCA Animal Care Center in Rohnert Park for after hours emergencies

Where is my dog going to sleep?

  • If your dog is in the Bunkhouse they will sleep in a crate and we provide bedding for them
  • If your dog is in a private suite they will sleep in their room and you can bring your own beds/bedding or we can provide the bedding

Do we bring our food or do you feed yours?

  • We prefer to feed our food (for no extra charge) but we are happy to feed yours, as long as each meal is prepackaged in a zip-lock baggie.
  • If your dog is here for an extended stay, you may bring bulk food,, but it MUST be in a mouse-proof container. NO BAGS of dog food!

What are your hours?

  • Monday – Friday – 9am-12pm and afternoons by appointment only (Bunkhouse dogs should be checked in no later than 4:30pm). The kennel staff need time to introduce them to a group and get them settled in)
  • Saturday & Sunday – 9am-12pm (Sundays by appointment only)

How do you determine where my dog goes in the group setting?

  • We separate the dogs based on play style and size and EASE them into the process and find the group that your dog enjoys most (not all dogs enjoy the group setting though)
  • The Kennel Staff are CONSTANTLY moving dogs around to make sure the groups are always happy and comfortable
  • Bunkhouse dogs are ALWAYS supervised unless they are all crated for nap time/overnight etc.

So if my dog is in a private suite, do they get any extra activities
or are they just in their room all day?

  • Even our private rooms provide all-day visual and physical stimulation and the freedom of indoor/outdoor access for your dog.
  • All Private Suite dogs get extra “Staff Attention” that is determined by the Kennel Staff each day. It can either be a walk, staff play or cuddling/hanging out with your dog. We cannot guarantee what it will be each day because each day is different for the staff.
  • If you would like to SCHEDULE an extra activity (see activity list in office). Those are very popular for our Private Suite Dog Clients

Monthly Maintenance Classes

For Board & Train Grads & Their Dogs

To better serve our Dream Dog™ Board & Train graduates, our monthly maintenance classes have had a Total Makeover! Now each month will have its own theme, and each class within that month will be geared for either on-leash OR off-leash grads and include Holiday preparedness exercises when appropriate. We will even be including special HOLIDAY training exercises for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and 4th of July!

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