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dog socialization photo of two dogs facing each other

Understanding Socialization

If the dog being “socialized” shows signs of stress or unhappiness during his exercises, owners think (or have been told) they should repeat the uncomfortable experiences until the dog improves. Nothing could be worse advice! First, let’s define what “socialization” really means…

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Dairydell Dog Training Blog 2

Podcast: Why Your Dog May Not Listen To You

Part II: Camilla continues to discuss the special problems of women establishing leadership with their dogs and why they may have trouble getting their dogs to listen. Camilla’s 30 year foundation in training brings many solutions to the table for women who love their dogs. Hear Podcast

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photo of little child and dog in park

Should Young Children Go to Dog Parks?

A friend called with a surprising story to share. She was at a local dog park with her small terrier, and not far away, there was a family with a lab mix. The family consisted of mom, dad and young daughter who was about 3 years old.

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Dairydell Dog Training Blog 4

To Be Loved or To Lead: What’s Your Goal?

Many women come to me for help with their dogs. When we broach the inevitable subject of discipline, most women start to shy away. They want better control, but they don’t want to discipline their dogs as a means of getting that control. As I probe to find out why, I find a recurrent answer.

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Photo of Key to Success

Four Keys to Power, Influence and Success

Take a moment and list your life heroes. Whom do you most admire or have been your mentors? What figures have most influenced your life? What bosses or professors or teachers taught you the most? The qualities in each of these people will probably be similar, and they are the qualities of true leaders:

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Monthly Maintenance Classes

For Board & Train Grads & Their Dogs

To better serve our Dream Dog™ Board & Train graduates, our monthly maintenance classes have had a Total Makeover! Now each month will have its own theme, and each class within that month will be geared for either on-leash OR off-leash grads and include Holiday preparedness exercises when appropriate. We will even be including special HOLIDAY training exercises for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and 4th of July!

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