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TEMPORARY HOURS: Mon – Fri:  9am – 12pm & 1 – 4pm  Sat & Sun: 9am – 12pm

Mon – Fri: 9am – 12pm & 1 – 4pm   
Sat. & Sun.: 9am – 12pm

doggie dude ranch & training center


Dog Boarding and Training Services for Northern California

A Quick Overview of Dairydell's Boarding and Training Services

Clients at Dairydell can choose from a bonanza of services – from dog boarding services and daycare, obedience training, country activities , grooming and educational seminars.

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NEW!! - Dream Dogs™ Virtual:
Online Training

The perfect training solution for those dog owners who want the renowned Dream Dogs ™ obedience training offered by Dairydell Canine in Northern California, but for whom live-in board & train is not feasible.

In Dairydell’s new Dream Dogs Virtual ™, YOU are training your dog, but in the nature-based Dairydell Method, with a virtual professional coach helping you step-by-step, rather than in-person classes.  We teach you how to think like a dog to train your dog – wherever you are!

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Dream Dogs™ Live-In
Board & Train

We are a woman-centric company, so our dog training reflects a mother-like teaching style – firm, fair and friendly. We rely on rules and boundaries – quietly but consistently enforced – to earn your dog’s respect, admiration and obedience. We will teach you how to control and get willing cooperation from your dog through simple enforcement and follow-through techniques
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Group & Single

Dairydell dog training classes provide practical tips for women on stopping common household behaviors like jumping, barking, digging, counter-surfing and more. Women learn quiet control to change their dog’s behavior (no yelling or bravado). They will take away valuable lessons for becoming more effective in other areas of their life as well.
doggie daycare dogs enjoying dog boarding services in the fresh air

Doggie Daycare Services

Doggie Daycare at Dairydell offers your dog exercise and mental stimulation while you are busy with your day. Whether running in our expansive hillside fields or enjoying the “mental jungle gym” of our wintertime complex, at the end of the day your dog will be happy and spent. And a tired dog is a good dog.
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Boarding on the Farm

We at Dairydell are proud to offer the finest in canine boarding: fresh air, room to run, things to learn, and lots to do and see. Whether your dog is shy or gregarious, giant or tiny, intact or altered – Dairydell has a space that’s right for him or her. All breeds are welcome. We cannot, however, accept dogs that are aggressive toward humans.

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