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Dog Behavior

INNER BEAUTY: Lessons From An Ugly Dog

Sophie, you are my HERO.  Though the bloom is off your rose, your true beauty blossoms. Some would call you “old”, but I find you inspiringly unapologetic, confident and strong.

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Camilla Gray-Nelson, the Dog Talk Diva
In the Media

Camilla Gray-Nelson on This Week In America

Camilla Gray-Nelson, author of Lipstick and the Leash, discusses the four myths of dog training (and more):
1. Dogs are born with a desire to please their masters. 2. A dog will protect his family because he loves them. 3. A dog will not hurt someone he loves. 4. Puppies eventually grow out of bad behavior or you just love them through it.

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Rescue Dogs

The Rescue Dog’s Psalm

Just the other day, a friend relayed a touching rescue dog story to me. She had been traveling in a popular tourist town and met a shop owner with a new rescue dog. The dog, it turned out, had belonged to a homeless man living on the streets in her well-known city.

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Sonoma County Dog Trainer, Camilla Gray-Nelson on KMOV TV
In the Media

Camilla Gray-Nelson on KMOV-TV, St. Louis

Camilla Gray-Nelson, author of Lipstick and the Leash, discusses how women are saddled with the responsibility of dog training in over 70% of homes. She discusses dog training for women and teaches follow-through by way of a training can and more.

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Dog Behavior

POWER SAPPERS: Part I – Fidgeting

Often when women work on becoming a leader, they are undermined by certain personal habits that sap them of the power they are eager to gain. The worst part is, women don’t even realize they are sabotaging their own power.

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Monthly Maintenance Classes

For Board & Train Grads & Their Dogs

To better serve our Dream Dog™ Board & Train graduates, our monthly maintenance classes have had a Total Makeover! Now each month will have its own theme, and each class within that month will be geared for either on-leash OR off-leash grads and include Holiday preparedness exercises when appropriate. We will even be including special HOLIDAY training exercises for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and 4th of July!

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