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Our Board and Train Finishing School

A Complete Dog Training Service

While You're Home or Away...

We train your dog in manners and obedience
and teach YOU how to keep him perfect!
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  • Professional Training
  • Manners
  • Daily Playtime
  • Temperature-Controlled Sleeping Quarters
  • Boarding Fee Discounts
  • Options for Special Needs
  • "After School" Follow-Up
Cam and Pooches
Boarding Board & Train Day Care

Dog Kennel Boarding Accommodations

(without Training)

We at Dairydell are proud to offer the finest in canine boarding: fresh air, room to run, things to learn, and lots to do and see. Whether your dog is shy or gregarious, giant or tiny, intact or altered – Dairydell has a space that’s right for him or her. All breeds are welcome. We cannot, however, accept dogs that are aggressive toward humans.

The Bunk House  $54/night

Your dog enjoys the daily companionship of other dogs, in a group setting. (Note: Bunk House accommodations may not be appropriate for dog-aggressive dogs, intact males, females in season, “pushy” dogs, and some breeds.) We do reserve the right to move dogs out of the Bunk House and into Special Needs Suites if they do not play well with others.

“Miss Kitty’s” Special Needs Suites   $69/night

Our Special Needs Suites feature at-will access to a private room or spacious outdoor run. A comfortable bed, heating and air-conditioning, and a peaceful setting is perfect for nervous dogs, senior dogs, dogs with special needs, or those that require private play. Of course, all of our “optional extras” are available to Special Needs Suite visitors, as well.

Dairydell feeds a high-quality, chicken and rice kibble as part of our boarding service. We will also be happy to feed your own dog food, if you provide it, and give required medications at no additional cost.

Extra Services for Our Guests

Leash Manners Training

"Puller to Prince" in Just a Day!
Includes: Day of Professional Training and One Hour of Owner Training

  • STOP that annoying pulling!
  • Walk by distractions with ease.
  • Reduce dangerous leash aggression.
  • Get a more attentive & obedient dog.

With just a day of Dairydell's WonderWalk Training!

Only $75 with Boarding or Daycare

Professional Training

Board & Train / From $1250 per week
Includes boarding, training, owner classes, follow up and book

"Magic Manners" Day Pkg / $150 + boarding fees
Includes a day of manners training for your dog, plus a 30 minute training consult for YOU.

Laps in the Pool

$20 / 15 minutes

Arena Frisbee Staff Play,
Nature Walks or Brain Builders

$15 / 15 minutes (2 for $25)

Boarding at Dairydell

Whether your dog is shy or gregarious, giant or tiny, intact or altered – Dairydell has a space that’s right for him or her.

Mon – Fri    7am – 12pm , 2pm – 6pm
Sat    9am – 3pm
Sun    9am – 12pm

BUNKHOUSE: $54 / night

PRIVATE SUITE: $69 / night


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