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Real Fun, Real Farm, Real Learning.

Welcome to the ultimate doggie destination:
Dairydell's Doggie Dude Ranch & Training Center!

People's Choice Award - Best KennelOn a historic dairy farm in California's Sonoma County, Kurt and Camilla Gray/Nelson have transformed their working ranch into a dog-lover's dreamland. Dairydell, as the ranch is called, has been noted as a premier dog training establishment since 1989, featuring Camilla's unique style of natural dog training under her familiar motto: "Wild to Wonderful." The cows are still there, but now canines rule!

Clients at Dairydell can choose from a bonanza of services – from boarding and daycare, obedience training, herding & activities , grooming and educational seminars to membership in Dairydell's own private dog park.

Boarding - Doggie Daycare - Board and Train

Treat your dog to a day or a stay on the farm. From ranch dogs to city lickers, our doggie dude ranch has everything a canine could want.
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Obedience Training

For your dog's happiness and his safety, obedience training is a must. Let our professional staff help develop your dog's full potential and transform him into the dog of your dreams.Your choice of:

1. Board and Train Finishing School, or
2. Group Classes

Dairydell's Specialty is Dog Training for Women.

woman walks with dog through the woods

Dairydell training classes provide practical tips for women on stopping common household behaviors like jumping, barking, digging, counter-surfing and more. Women learn quiet control to change their dog's behavior (no yelling or bravado). They will take away valuable lessons for becoming more effective in other areas of their life as well.

Pet Gallery

Puppy Consultations

Providing a good foundation for your new puppy is essential. In fact, learning to choose the right puppy from the get-go is even more important!

Dairydell offers Puppy "Good Start" Consultations as well as "Matchmaker" Advice and "Baby-Ready" Training for puppies or older dogs of families expecting a new "addition" into their household. See classes here....

Whine Country Tour & Train Services

Bring your dog to the wine country! Have him trained at Dairydell while you travel and tour Northern California. We can customize a program around your travel plans. Or check out this Sonoma Guide for your Wine Country Travels.

Dog Grooming

Undercoat removal, bathing, brushing, and our special "Hair-Less" program, to reduce shedding in your home by up to 80%. More here....


We offer periodic seminars and workshops in a wide variety of topics – from Canine Massage to First Aid and CPR for Dogs. Watch for postings.

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