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TEMPORARY HOURS: Mon – Fri:  9am – 12pm & 1 – 4pm  Sat & Sun: 9am – 12pm

Mon – Fri: 9am – 12pm & 1 – 4pm   
Sat. & Sun.: 9am – 12pm

doggie dude ranch & training center


How We’re Coping with Covid -19

We thought that we’d take a moment to reach out to our customers and local community to give you an update on where our business stands with the current COVID-19 outbreak.

At this time, Dairydell will remain open, although there may be some operational adjustments as deemed necessary to sustain operations for the benefit of our clients, out of consideration for our staff, and for the good of sustaining the business. We have taken precautionary measures to keep things as sanitary as possible (which we do on a regular basis since the best possible care starts with a clean/sanitary facility).

Regarding Daycare: Our Daycare Services will be moved into our main boarding facility until further notice. All dogs will still be able to play and socialize with indoor/outdoor play along with our boarding dogs. We will not be enforcing our cancellation fees for Daycare during this time as we anticipate more and more last minute changes in everyone’s personal lives. If you need Daycare and do not have a reservation, we will be honoring the regular rate of $27 and not be charging the drop in fee of $37. If you are already signed up for Daycare, but decide to cancel your plans, please call or email our office as soon as reasonably possible so we can plan your dogs’ play and our staffing accordingly.

Regarding Boarding/Training: Our boarding/training services are anticipated to stay normal. If that were to change (which we do not anticipate), we would be contacting all of our current boarding/training clients in a timely fashion.

If you do not want to enter the building to drop off/pick up your dog, you can call our office and we would be happy to come out to your car and either check you in or out. You can also call in your credit card information if you chose to pay over the phone instead of handle your cards in person.

We’ve done what we can, but we ask that you take a moment to think about your role when entering our business or any other place where people are still providing goods and services. We ask that you stay home if you’re feeling sick or may have been exposed to anyone who may be. We want to protect not only our customers and community, but we have a duty to protect our staff and their families as well.

Also, as a small business, we certainly feel for all of the local small businesses that are impacted by the decline in sales with the recent mandatory closures or general foot traffic coming through. We encourage people to consider buying local whenever possible through this time to keep our community thriving as much as we can. It’s a time to practice patience, compassion, self-awareness as well as consideration for others, and to reflect on our general pace of life. And while it’s an opportunity to slow down and reconnect at home for some, some are sick or at risk, and we have to be especially sensitive to those people in our community during this time.

We thank everyone who is helping to control the outbreak by changing what they can in their day-to-day and especially appreciate all of the people who are putting themselves at risk to take care of those in need

Take care of yourself, one another, be smart, and stay safe. ⠀

-Your Friends at Dairydell

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