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Dairydell Doggie Daycare

By Popular Demand, Dairydell Doggie Day Care is Now Serving Sonoma County Dog Owners Year-Round!

Check out our new Doggie Day Care Complex... "Rico's Run"

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Day care at Dairydell offers your dog exercise and mental stimulation while you are busy with your day. Whether running in our expansive hillside fields or enjoying the “mental jungle gym” of our wintertime complex, at the end of the day your dog will be happy and spent. And a tired dog is a good dog.


Monday through Friday – 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM   (closed 12:00 to 2:00)
Sat. – 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM  


Daycare is Limited… Call for Availability (707) 762-6111

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Once you register and your dog completes his ‘test run’ assessment, you can reserve your dog’s weekly play days using our convenient Online Reservation Tool. Our day care is staffed until 6:30 pm for pick-ups so when you get him home, your dog will be tired and happy. Better yet — you will be guilt and worry-free, knowing that your dog was not left alone to pine or get into mischief at home.

Our Day Care Rates

Greetings to our Dairydell Family,

As you know, this last year has brought unprecedented challenges to all small businesses in California, not the least of which, us at Dairydell. 

Keeping the quality of our facility and care at top level has always come at a price, but over the past two years (and the past 6 months in particular), this price of doing business has skyrocketed. Not only has the cost of materials increased dramatically, from our dog food to the propane that keeps your dog cozy during their stay, but the competition for good employees is fierce, resulting in a type of “wage war inflation” where it’s nearly impossible to compete.  

Clearly we will need to increase our rates in 2022, but we feel it’s premature to set a firm figure until the economic landscape has settled into its “new normal”.  In the meantime, we need to keep the business healthy, so here’s our plan:

Until we can set firm rates for 2022, we are setting some new, “Transitional Rates ” for our Daycare as shown below. Any advance January boarding reservations already on the books will be grandfathered at our current rates, however all new boarding or daycare requests made for 2022 dates will be billed at the new transitional rates until the final rates are set.

$32/day (Transitional Rate)… for reservations scheduled with our ON-LINE RESERVATION TOOL as well as for “timely” reservations made via other means such as phone, email, or face to face. (“timely” reservations are made by 5pm of the previous business day)

$42/day (Transitional Rate) for “drop-ins” as well as reservations that are not “timely” (reservations NOT having been made by 5pm of the previous business day)


  • All new canine guests must first come for a ‘test run’ trial day.
  • Dogs in day care must be crate trained (dogs nap in their crates from 12-2pm
  • Dogs in day care must always play well with others, regardless of circumstance.
  • Sorry, no un-neutered males or fighting breeds.

See you soon at Dairydell!

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