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Daycare Reservation System Instructions

How to Use Dairydell's Day Care Reservation System


The Day Care Reservation system has been developed to benefit your day care experience. It allows us visibility to varying daily population levels in advance, and therefore enhancing our management and staffing capabilities as needed to maximize our “client experience”. As is currently the case, Dairydell day care services are provided exclusively for those dogs having been previously “assessed” (at Dairydell), and determined appropriate for “our” day care setting.

1. Sign Up

This is a one time, first time thing. Go to this page to complete the sign up, click on the “sign up” button, and complete the items requested: 1. your name, 2. your email address, 3. the password you’d like to use in the future, and 4. your dog(s) name. There are no requirements or restrictions in the password field (alpha-numeric or “case” sensitivity). Dairydell management will receive your registration, and will respond as soon as possible (usually within 24 business hours), when your registration has been “activated”. You may then begin using the reservation tool.

2. Login

After having received notice from Dairydell that your registration has been received and activated, you are free to make your reservation selections for the current 6 day period. Click the Login button found on the top right. Login with the email and password you registered.

3. Profile

The Profile screen contains the same information as the Sign Up screen. You can modify your profile information here. Please call Dairydell (707-762-6111) if assistance is required, as the managers can reset your password.

4. Making Daycare Reservations (Selecting Day)

Day care business days are Monday through Saturday (and please note, Saturday business hours are abbreviated, 9:30 – 3:00 promptly). You may make reservations for any of the rolling SIX dates displayed on the “on-line reservation tool” for your registered (and approved) pets. You must make your reservations by noon of the preceding “selection” day. This lead time provides us time for improved operational planning, which enhances our opportunity to provide you the best possible day care experience. If you try to make a reservation after the cut off time (noon of the previous selection day), that selection day will not be available via this tool. Also, if the capacity limit for a day has been reached, a reservation will not be available via this tool either. Should you experience either of these situations, and still have a need for service, please call our office 707-762-6111, to see if arrangements can be made.

4.1 For Multiple Dog Reservations

Each pet is a separate reservation (note the pull down indicator in the dog name space). You must complete the reservation process for each pet. Your selections will only be saved by clicking “Submit to Day Care” for the first dog, before moving on to the next one. You may reserve a day by clicking on the reserve checkbox for each date. Your successful selections are visible in the Day Care Pick table.

5. Cancellations

We’ve made the cancellation process very fast and easy to do, simply check the “cancel day” check box, to de-select the corresponding day, and click “submit to day care“. We have a limited number of reservation slots available each day, and a growing number of clients interested in using them. To ensure your space, as well as to be courteous to others wanting space, if you’ve made a reservation and your plans have changed so that you no longer need it, please go to the on-line reservation tool and cancel that day. All will appreciate and benefit from everyone’s courteous use of this new reservation tool.


Increased demand for Dairydell Day Care service has necessitated the need for this reservation system. Reservation availability, in light of growing client demand and limited capacity, has real value to those needing and wanting to utilize the service. Our desire, and our commitment to all of our clients is always to provide the highest quality service available, to those needing and wanting the available spots. We therefore ask for your help in using the reservation system for its intended purpose, and if or when needed, make sure you use the “cancel reservation” feature, so that others needing and wanting reservations may have access to them. “No-shows” for reservations will necessarily be monitored to ensure we are serving the interest of “all” our valued clients, as best we can.

As always, Dairydell is here for, and to serve our clients. If you have any feedback or input, we welcome it. Please contact us at 707-762-6111, we welcome your comments.

Thank you!

Monthly Maintenance Classes

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