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Hi Jodi, Kat, Camilla and the Great Dames of Dairy Dell!

In February of last year we adopted our then 8 year-old dog Sasha from Petaluma Animal Services. We brought her to you for training, particularly because she was very leash reactive. To this day we use the tools Camilla taught us and are happy to report that Sasha is thriving and doing so well on leash and with other dogs. She is still dominant but now she is polite and shows interest and curiosity with most dogs. Basically, she's not so bossy anymore. She's even learned to enjoy playing and running with other dogs. It's a joy to watch. She's become a great running partner for me as well. We're now starting to work with her off leash and are impressed with her listening skills and her desire to obey our commands and stay close to us. And we're training her to take her into assisted living communities and nursing homes. She loves people!

We wanted to give you a pupdate and thank you once again for giving us the tools and mindset we needed to help her be all that she can be - in the best possible way.

All our best, Susan, Bill and Sasha Zemanek

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