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Welcome to the Ultimate Doggie Destination! Real fun, real farm, real learning. On a historic dairy farm in California's Sonoma county, Kurt & Camilla Gray/Nelson have transformed their working ranch into a dog-lover's dreamland. Dairydell, as the ranch is called, has been noted as a premier dog training establishment since 1989, featuring Camilla's unique style of natural dog training under her familiar motto: Wild to Wonderful. The cows are still there, but now canines rule!

Clients at Dairydell may choose from a bonanza of services – boarding and daycare, obedience training, puppy classes, agility and dog sport classes, grooming, educational seminars – even membership in Dairydell's own private dog park!

Dog Boarding and Daycare: The Doggie Dude Ranch

white doodles playing on astro turfTreat your dog to a day or a stay on the farm. Dairydell's a real farm with fresh air, lots of things for dogs to do and see, and generous play yards.  Dogs can stay in Boarding House accommodations, enjoying the company of other dogs, or in more relaxing Private Suites, with at-will access to a quiet indoor room or outdoor run.

Complimentary “No Jump” training is available to all dogs that board at Dairydell.  Other add-on options include: professional obedience training for the unruly or disrespectful, introduction to agility or other dog sports for the energetic, time on sheep for herding dogs, laps in the swimming pool for water-loving dogs, and a special “hair-Less” treatment in the grooming salon for furry fidos. Salon services are available to the public, as well. Dog Boarding Reservation Requests / Doggie Daycare Inquiries / The Dirty Dog Salon Grooming Services

DOG TRAINING Options: Board 'n Train Finishing School,
Group Classes for Dog Owners, or Personal Trainer

dairydell dobermans playing with trainerDairydell has achieved a reputation for excellence through its unique and much-acclaimed style of natural dog training and voice control. Since 1989, owner and head trainer, Camilla Gray/Nelson, has helped thousands of dogs and owners. She has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines, and multiple times on S.F. television's Evening Magazine and View From The Bay.

OUR SPECIALTY - DOG TRAINING FOR WOMEN: Dairydell training classes provide practical tips for women on stopping common household behaviors like jumping, barking, digging, counter-surfing and more. Women learn quiet control to change their dog's behavior (no yelling or bravado) They will take away valuable lessons for becoming more effective in other areas of their life as well.

Owners who want the highest quality obedience and voice control training for their rowdy ruff-necks can choose professional training at Dairydell's Board and Train Finishing School for Dogs. Programs are available from one to four weeks long sessions. Camilla with her professional team can produce dramatic results. Owners participate on the weekends, learning how to maintain their dog's perfect manners.

Those who prefer to train their dogs themselves can get professional guidance in Group Dog Training Classes at Dairydell. Quality instruction is provided by experienced trainers in regular weekly sessions, with homework assignments to assist the learning process.

For those busy owners who find it more convenient to work one-on-one with a professional as their schedule allows, Dairydell offers their popular Personal Trainer option. Schedule an hour at a time with your own private trainer at Dairydell, who can help you pinpoint problems, give targeted advice and work with your particular dog and issues.
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Puppy "Good Start" Consultations

New puppy owners will delight in Dairydell's"Good Start" consultations. Professional guidance to help control barking, chewing, pulling, digging, nipping before they get out of hand. Simple, fail-proof advice for housetraining success. Groundwork exercises for coming reliably when called - everytime!
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Whine Country Tour ‘n Train: for Visitors to the Area

Visitors planning a trip to the Northern California wine country can now bring their dog along! All the fun of traveling with your canine, without the hassle – thanks to Dairydell's customized Tour 'n Train program. Visitors may make hotel reservations for themselves, and book their dogs into Dairydell – conveniently located in the heart of Northern California's wine country and north coast.
(Check the Sonoma Guide for yourWine Country Travels).

While you tour, your dog can stay at Dairydell and concentrate on his obedience training. Meet up with your dog at the end of your trip and get a class on how to maintain your dog's new, good manners. Or, instead of the training, travelers may choose the touring option. Pick up your dog any time during Dairydell's regular office hours and whisk him away for a day of fun at the beach or elsewhere.
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sign-up form and pricing.

Grooming: The Dirty Dog Salon

Dairydell offers professional bath & brush “spa” services, and full service grooming by appointment. The specialty of the house is our “Hair-Less” program, which may help reduce shedding in dogs by up to 90%! Dogs in the program visit monthly for undercoat removal, a bath with special shampoos that open hair follicles, and professional force air drying to blow out and get rid of that excess dog hair before it finds it way to a carpet or sofa. 
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Dog Owner Education

Dairydell offers periodic lectures, seminars, workshops and demonstrations on a wide variety of dog-related topics – from behavior to canine health to the exciting world of dog sports. See our Upcoming Events Calendar


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